GreenCoat Hiarc Max


GreenCoat Hiarc Max

It offers a PVDF-based coating specially developed for facades near a coastline

GreenCoat Hiarc Max is available in regular and matt finishes. Each comes in a wide range of attractive colors as well as metallic colors. GreenCoat Hiarc Max is a PVDF-based product that is extremely durable and specifically developed for facades and cassettes, but can be used also in roofing applications.

GreenCoat Hiarc Max possesses excellent weather resistance properties and tolerates forming well. It offers extremely good corrosion resistance and is well suited for buildings in the harshest environments, like those near a coastline.

Since the coating contains fluorine, the surface stays cleaner compared to other products. However, if needed the coating is also easy to clean due to hard surface. The reverse side of the sheet is painted as standard with a two-layer grey backside coating.

GreenCoat color coated products are all manufactured according to EN 10169 + A1.