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Who we are

Incorporated in 1908 is located in the vicinity of the Port of Beirut. Initially was dealing with construction materials and steel bars and introduced the carbon steel in Lebanon in the late fifties. At the end of the Lebanese war in the early nineties, our company took a new turning point in its activities of the reconstruction of Lebanon by introducing new applications in different sectors of activities. WSM is one of the fastest growing specialists in the metal sector. Service and quality drive us on. Innovation and investment are key components which make us attractive to our varied customer base. More and more firms are benefiting from our technical capabilities and quality control techniques.

In the Energy side, we have a presence with our technical know how in the maintenance and work execution following public tenders both at Zouk and Jieh Power Plant. In the field of defense WSM has a presence back to early 2000 when it contributed in providing protection plate selected for high performance in today’s most dangerous environments where there’s no room for compromise; first-rate protection with applications that include security vehicles, mine clearing vehicles, door and wall structures and many more.

Our Mission

To create value for our customers, employees and communities by operating as a sustainable steel dealer: profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence without compromising on our values and business ethics. Perceiving customer’s needs at utmost levels by providing them flexibility, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and customized solutions for unique needs. As a reliable customer-oriented, dynamic supplier of steel products WSM ensure attentive, effective and proactive customer service and personalized attention to customer, by exceeding customer expectations. We invest heavily so you benefit greatly.

Our Vision

Being a regional recognized company well established in its markets with excellence in organizational structure, WSM cherishes values and ethics as synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction and innovation. Transparency guide our business conduct, as well as our relationships with our different stakeholders: suppliers, customers, competitors, the government and our communities at large. We keep re-defining the standard of customer service, to remain the preferred choice for customers, suppliers and employees. We focus our advanced specialty knowledge, our innovative products and applications to serve our markets with diversified, state of the arts offerings.


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Our story with Steel manufacturing

We are here because of you

jan 1990

Turning point

At the end of the Lebanese war , introducing new applications in different sectors of activities

jan 1950

Carbon Steel

Introducing the carbon steel in Lebanon

jan 1908


Initially was dealing with construction materials and steel bars

Trust & Relations

It is more than a win-win situation

We are one of the best steel suppliers in Lebanon

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