GreenCoat Anti-Graffiti BT


GreenCoat Anti-Graffiti BT

Any graffiti from felt-tip pens or spray paint can easily be removed

GreenCoat Anti-Graffiti BT offers a three-layer paint system where the outer layer is formulated to easily remove graffiti from felt-tip pens or spray paint. It is used for buildings in busy environments where an easy and economical way to protect a building is needed.

The product is manufactured according to the BT patent (Bio-based Technology) and therefore holds a high environmental position. In BT coating where a substantial portion of the traditional fossil oil is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil, which is unique on the market. SSAB holds a worldwide patent for this coating technology.

GreenCoat Anti-Graffiti BT is available in many colors. Note that a color with Anti-Graffiti BT may differ slightly from other products with the same color. The reverse side of the sheet is painted as standard with a two-layer grey backside coating.

GreenCoat color coated products are all manufactured according to EN 10169 + A1.