The Ti-6Al-7Nb Aluminium – Niobium alpha-beta alloy. Its biocompatibility and mechanical properties are superior to those of the Ti-6Al-4V. This alloy was conceived and developed in 1977 by a team of researchers at Gebruder Sulzer in Winterthur, Switzerland. Their aim was to create a titanium alloy that would meet the demands of the medical and surgical sectors.

Physical properties of titanium:

  • Usual state: solid
  • Colour: silver-white
  • Melting point: 1720°C
  • Molar volume: 10.64.10-6m3/mol
  • Density: 4,507 g/cm3
  • Electrical conductivity: 2.34.106S/m
  • Thermal conductivity: 21.9W/(m•K)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 8.5.10-6/°C

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