Grade 1


Grade 1


Grade 1 titanium offers the best ductility and formability of the four CP titanium grades, as well as excellent corrosion resistance in oxidising or moderately reducing environments, including chlorides. It has good toughness even at low temperatures, and can be easily welded, machined and deformed at hot and cold.

Physical properties of titanium:

  • Usual state: solid
  • Colour: silver-white
  • Melting point: 1720°C
  • Molar volume: 10.64.10-6m3/mol
  • Density: 4,507 g/cm3
  • Electrical conductivity: 2.34.106S/m
  • Thermal conductivity: 21.9W/(m•K)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 8.5.10-6/°C

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