Toolox 44


Toolox 44

The pre-hardened steel for extrusion dies and engineering components

Toolox® 44 pre-hardened steel is suitable for extrusion dies and engineering components that require high strength. It possesses good workshop properties.

Toolox 44 is a pre-hardened engineering and tool steel. Despite its high hardness, Toolox 44 combines very good machinability with dimensional stability during machining.

Its nominal 450 HBW/45 HRC hardness makes Toolox 44 your ideal choice for demanding mold and die applications. The high steel cleanliness gives Toolox 44 very good polishing, A2 gloss, and texturing capabilities.

In applications that demand additional surface hardness to counteract wear, you can nitride and PVD coat Toolox 44 to customize the mold or die properties. Surface engineering can be carried out as long as the deposition temperature does not exceed 590°C (1,094°F).